Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Becoming Of Age

So It’s been quite some time since have been here and so much has happened in between. I don’t know where to start! First of all, I hope you bloggers out there are getting right into the Christmas spirit and are looking forward to a holiday and plenty fun and festivities!

A few months ago I turned 26, I was so confused as of what to do for my birthday. I really wanted something different this year. I wanted my girls or you could say my life and my dearest mother to come and enjoy a night away and forget the duties of day to day life.  Now for any of you that dont no Byron bay it’s about 1 hour drive from where I live on the gold coast. It’s a really quaint town and is just perfect for a relaxing weekend away. There are Great shops and markets to see and of course a very laid back nightlife! The minute you arrive you feel as though a weight has just been lifted off you shoulders and its easy to get into the swing of the lifestyle. We met at belonged beach house where we were staying for the night in a cabin with bunk style beds. I must say it wasn’t the most amazing accommodation but it was the laidback theme I was after. It really put everyone in the mood for the night. So we set up in the garden lined the table with a gorgeous tablecloth that I picked up at a thrift shop, some candles and of course a cheese platter and champagne and strawberries. The whole afternoon was perfect and I found it hard to wipe a smile of my face! I got completely spoilt by my friends and was so overwhelmed by the love. As the sun set we did a short stroll to the beach where we had a drink and watched the light turn to night.  It got to 7pm and it was time to hit the restaurant that my mother had booked us into for some more amazing food and wine, I had booked us into a place for dinner called the tree house, there I sat with some of the most precious people surrounding me. I was so happy and there was nothing that could spoil the night. The food was delicious and we spent the night listening to local talent, drinking good wine and laughing like no tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A love letter to my one.

So Yesterday I woke up feeling very at ease and relaxed you could say. I had moments of thinking how lucky I am with the people that surround me and how they continue to make me smile. This post is a letter that I sent to my Boy yesterday just to let him no that I care.Sometimes just the little simple things like this can brighten somones day and I know it did. Hope you enjoy!

A shot at love

 It all started when I was a little girl, I would always seem to find myself imagining the day that I would find someone to spend my time with over a drink but back in those days it was only sweet lemonade.

And then I dreamt of moments that would make my heart sing, but back then we fell in puppy love as some would say.

                                                          And then there was the first kiss,

 Then there are the times when your still learning and discovering new things, Wondering what your future may bring,

                                                                        And now


And then time flys and things change as so do we. We grow into little people with dreams and aspirations and things just are not as easy as they were back when life was simple.


                                                                       And with that

                                 And then we come to an age where we enjoy more things like

                                                                     lunch by the sea

                                                           and dancing like your free.

                                                                 Laughing till it hurts

                                                               And shopping for new skirts.

Then one day when u least expect it your eyes meet with someone else’s and leave u dreaming of the day when u may meet

This happened to me once, only I was the lucky one within a week I met him and straight away it was

                                        and we started dating and shared moments ill never forget

                                                       and then for a while there I lost you

                               but as I few months past we found each other in each others arms again

                                                     And I hope that’s where we stay.

                   I know at times relationships are confusing and require us to work at it.
But know that since I have met you I have learnt so many new things and you have encouraged me to reach  for the stars and and when you do

                        I love that even when im emotional and cry you never make much of a fuss

                                                        you relise im drunk and disorderly.

Look what im really trying to say is thankyou for being so understanding and supportive at times. Since I met u my feet haven’t touched the ground.

                                My heart at times still skips a beat when your near and know that

                                                    and I hope I can always make you smile

                                 Thankyou for brightening my day I feel very lucky in love today

                                                                All my love and dreams

                                                                         Sarah xxxxx

                                                                  Just me and You
                                                                     Just Us two!!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A book a captured moments

Things have been a little stressful of late and sometimes you just have to stop and take a minute to reflect on what's really important in life. Many of us today I think almost for get to breathe. We get so caught up in the day to day chores and forget to appreciate what we have and what surrounds us. It's almost like we can live an unconscious life with a mind thats so jaded from thinking to much that we forget to look up and see the magic of nature and love that surrounds us. There will always be times when we lose our way and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be so far away that you feel you are walking on a path of darkness. It's these times when you learn some of life's most powerful lessons. We never make mistakes if we learn from them. Life is all about risks and requires you to jump and whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. So these past few weeks I have really been making an effort to smile constantly each day and just be happy.. Lifes to short to be negative and if your positive you attract positive energy. Show the world your smile and maybe it will smile back at you!

Now I would like to share with you my book of love. Its my most precious gift and was given to me when my nana passed away. It holds so much beauty and history. I believe it is a photo album that my nana picked up 40 years ago from an antique shop. Its dated back to the late 19th century. I can only imagine the photos that filled it before and the love and romance those generations before me stored away in it.

It truly is the most amazing album I have ever seen and I feel so privileged to have this. It sits in my creative room where I keep my enitre vintage range and sewing machines and anything that make me smile. I call it my room of inspiration which I will blog about very soon. But for now let me share with you this amazing album and all its treasures. It even has a key stored in the back of the book which is used to wind the album up so that it can play music while viewing the captured moments.

The opening page I think was hand painted.

Now its filled with my family sating back over 100 years. 
This is my dear Nana and Grandad on their wedding day in the navy.
I love her Hair here. I would love to be able to do an upstyle like that.

My mother 

Later on in life.

The vintage music box that is stored at the back.